Emma Argues with Principal Figgins

Emma Argues with Principal Figgins

Having a different opinion from a bunch of common perspectives and confronting  issues wisely in front of millions of people is such a healthy practice for every community and society. We all know that conflict is a natural motive that promotes social interactions. Also, it brings change sometimes in a positive way and sometimes negative. Although, it’s never possible to have the same choice with your society even in living in the same house we have different choices and way of living from our siblings. 

Likewise, a similar scenario happened in a highly regarded Maplewood High School where two highly diligent people came in front of each other and a heated discussion took place. 

We  already know that you are all super excited to know all about the issue but before everything first we need to know who these two personalities are that will be discussed in this blog.   

Emma and principal figgins

Our main leading characters of  the series are Emma and principal figgins as its name shows. If we talk about Emma, she is an extremely talented, strong minded and brilliant student who has such a strong personality, has audacity and has the spark for a good change. 

Now let’s discuss principal figgins who is a determined and an honored dean of the school and a live portrait of a man of excellence and dignity. who was a successful administrator for twenty years and played a big role in maintaining order and discipline.

The Buildup

When we dive into the context we come to know more about Emma for instance she has a strong reputation because of her up-to-the-mark advocacy for different reasons in school such as student rights, climate change awareness, and other sensitive topics like LGBTQ+ rights. And she never stays silent when the matter is about students and youth who are the future of the nation. 

Now be ready to get to know all the matter, and let’s see how the clash started.

Also its best to acknowledge that this conflict solved the puzzles of complexities of school regulations, their wrong systems, youth activism and an equality between authority and individual rights. 

Furthermore, we will delve into the confrontation between two prominent personalities of the institute and will explore the perspectives of Emma and principal figgins.

The Conflict of two Ideals

The confrontation between Emma and Principal Figgins becomes a limelight in the school because both have  a positive impact on each student of the institution. Once Emma felt that our curriculum is not addressing our climate crisis rightfully. And she believed that it is her responsibility to raise voice for a positive change and through this they can make comprehensive changes in curricula and can add an elaborated part for environmental education. 

In this way, Emma organized a protest outside the school for climate change education. The protest had a prominent number of students who supported her perspective and respected her concerns. 

When principal figgins saw the movement, abruptly he came to the fore and tried to address the matter. He addressed the students that he always respects students and always supports raising voices for the expression of self opinions. He declared that every single body has freedom of speech in a nation but students should also raise their voices within the boundaries of school and should respect the rules and regulations of the institute. 

Then Emma explained that no-one was giving attention to our argument  within the boundaries. That’s why we chose to protest outside the school.

As a reader of the incident when we judge both of the opinions then we have to look up both perspectives or a way of thought respectively.

Emma’s Perspective

When we come on Emma’s side, then we can visibly feel that her intention towards her actions were extremely sincere. She spoke for a cause and for a great change. If we look around then we realize that the most of the problem of a nation starts from when we stay silent for ourselves. When we don’t utilize our freedom of speech then nothing can be better for our coming generations, not even for us. 

In Emma’s case, she wanted to level-up the education standards. She believed that the students are unaware of the climate crisis so that a walkout was the most preferable way to gain attention for their voices. Moreover she realized that the dean of the school(mr figgins) were almost unsuccessful in taking the student body seriously, not even their right, and even their voices. So she took this necessary eye-opening step.

Principal Figgins’ Perspective

On the contrary, Principal Figgins is an honorable and experienced man who has the ability to handle a critical situation wisely. When he explained that walking out is a disruptive way to make change, instead of that you can put your concern in a student council meeting that is an appropriate channel to express your thoughts. 

Furthermore, he explained that he has a lot more safety concerns because when you are in the boundaries of school , you all come under his responsibility so the well-being of the students is his first priority. All other matters come after it. 

The Resolution

In the aftermath, both parties found a common ground through a constructive dialogue. 

each of them was ready to give a chance of better understanding by discussion. And Due to Emma’s passion for her rights and with Figgins integration they both agreed to make changes in education curriculum and will bring an improved and more comprehensive version. Also they will promote student engagement.

On the other side, Emma ensures to follow the rules and regulations of school and for the next time she will raise her voice within the boundaries of school and ensure everyone’s safety. 

As we all can see that things can be improved by taking action and this action power is a common right that anyone can use. but as a civilian we should use disciplinary measures that don’t break safety barriers and should acknowledge the rules and regulations of the current administration. 

The confrontation between passionate students and determined principals highlighted a crucial relationship between student activism and school administration. Also their heated argument was no more conflict even it became a solid example for every common institution of any department. 


Consequently, the matter of climate change education goes to positive verdict and tremendous success. Most importantly, the clash of principal figgins and student Emma at Maplewood High School turned into a positive relationship that leaves a positive spot on our minds. Initially, it was a tough issue and resulted in collective stress but later because of Emma’s superb advocacy and principal’s willingness to listen and adapt positive concerns of students ultimately led to an inclusive approach.

Hence, Maplewood high school administration made a commitment that they will create a healthy environment where the voices of students will be heard and will work for their rights. And if their concerns are on the points then the administration will surely act upon it.

Also , it sets an impressive example for us too that having a conflict or a different perspective is healthy activity. It can make a positive change and set the bar high for any nation. 

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